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Posted in Legal by Matthew Mullhofer Matt Mullhofer on August 6, 2009

6 Ways Creditors May Discover Your Assets – By Matthew Mullhofer

  • Do not rely on secrecy or concealment to prevent creditors from learning about your assets.  You can be forced to testify under oath, and if you attempt to deny or conceal ownership you will be committing the crime of perjury.
  • With the use of computers and investigations that are available modernly it is not difficult for creditors to locate assets, including those that have been kept overseas.
  • You are only required to disclose your assets when a creditor (a) obtains a judgment against you, (b) when you are sued for punitive damages and the assets are relevant to the award, and (c) when you are involved in litigation involving the fraudulent conveyance and the assets are relevant to the discovery.
  • Creditors that are entitled to discovery of the assets of a debtor have great discretion in their examination and procedures.
  • Spouses can be forced to disclose their finances to a judgment creditor whether or not they are involved in the litigation.
  • Insurance companies may be required to disclose information about your assets to judgment creditors.

About Matthew Mullhofer – Attorney

Since 1999, Matthew Mullhofer has been an attorney licensed by the State Bar of California and a member in good standing.

Matthew Mullhofer has extensive experience in the area of estate planning and asset protection, which includes the formation of trusts, wills, family limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and domestic corporations.

Additionally, Mr. Matt Mullhofer has formed numerous corporations, trusts, and private family limited partnerships. Matt Mullhofer has been a featured speaker at many estate planning and asset protection seminars.

Matthew Mullhofer has extensive experience in business and corporate law, civil litigation, probate, and real estate law.  Matt Mullhofer has negotiated many commercial and residential real estate leases and transactions. Matthew Mullhofer has drafted and negotiated numerous business contacts and sale agreements for business owners. In the area of Intellectual Property, Matthew Mullhofer has acquired extensive experience representing corporations in the acquisition, licensing, and registration of their trademarks and copyrights.

Matt Mullhofer has also experienced success in representation of taxpayers regarding collection efforts by the Internal Revenue Service, Franchise Tax Board, and State Board of Equalization.  Matthew Mullhofer also handles Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases with an emphasis in discharging taxes in bankruptcy.

Matthew Mullhofer is admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of California, the United States District Court, and the United States Tax Court. Matt Mullhofer received a Juris Doctor Degree from Western State University, College of Law, emphasizing in estate planning and taxation.  Matt Mullhofer received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and English minor from California State University at Chico.


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